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"The Big Apple"
24 March 1972
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Biography v. 3.1

I'm a liberal, intelligent, quirky, incredibly geeky, Macintosh using, fiercely loyal & very happily married man living in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. I can be a little abrasive and somewhat confrontational at times, but that's because when I decide to care about something, I don't do it half-assed. The things that are most important to me, and what I'll mostly write about: my wife nannygirl, my son "Tank," politics, the Phillies, genre fiction (both in print and on screen), my obsession with the music of the Barenaked Ladies, and my sf fanzine Some Fantastic. I'll write about other things of course, but that about covers 90% of what you'll read here.

Future goals and plans: another child; whisking my family away to the suburbs of Philadelphia, my adopted hometown and the one place on earth to which I feel emotionally attached; one day finally getting off my rear and getting a master's degree in liberal arts.

Want to buy me stuff? Check out my Amazon.com Wish List. Nah, I have no diginity; I am not above groveling for people to buy me stuff. This is my page, and I can do what I want. ;-)

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